My animal portraits are back! There were so many requests to bring them back to my website again, so here they are. A big “best of” my photographs from Saarbrücker Zoo is online now, photos from wild animals, pets and other zoos will follow soon.

My animal photos are always individual portraits – this means: When taking a photo I don’t want to say that this is a tiger and tigers usually look like that, do this or that, no. But I want to show you the tiger called X or Y and tell you how this individual tiger looks, behaves, feels – and make you understand that it is an individual with its own character, which makes it different from any other tiger. It’s not coincidence that the animals on my photos often have a name shown in the description. For this reason it doesn’t matter to me if I take a photo of an animal in nature or in a zoo. Actually, if you want to take a true animal portrait, it is quite difficult to do that outside in nature, if you have only a few minutes with the wild animal before it diappears forever, and you’ll never know if it comes back the other day (without enough time for study or a good guide you won’t even be able to say if it is the same individual from yesterday…).

Please note that any zoo photos uploaded here are NOT for sale (no commercial use!) and are shared for personal pleasure only.


most recent – Zoos of Saarbrücken, Vienna and Munich (Tierpark Hellabrunn):

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American Collection
American Collection

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Eurasian Collection

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African Collection

Tiergarten Nürnberg Collection 

Tiergarten Nuremberg