A photo project inspired by my favorite philosophers.

Photo “A Life to Go”: A coffee to go, on the smartphone while dating – “Nowhere is the one who is everywhere”: When they reach the end of their life, too late these poor souls remark that too long they have been busy doing nothing.” Seneca, ep. 2 / brev. vit. 16.1

“Know Thyself” was written on the famous temple of Delphi. Which mask to wear today? What is mask, what is me?

Photo ” Welcome to Plato’s Cave“: There they sit, the prisoners of the cave, watching the walls while missing real knowledge because of their wrong focus.

Photo “The Slave“: „Servus est.“ – Ostende, quis non sit: Alius libidini servit, alius avaritiae, alius ambitioni, omnes spei, omnes timori. [He is a slave, someone says. Show me someone who is not: One serves his libido, another one his greed, the next one his ambition; we all are servants of hope, all servants of fear.] Seneca, ep. 47, 16f.


A project inspired by my favorite painters, mostly Franz Marc. The fox was originally a white sculpture (just like the deer still is) which I have recently painted in the typical Franz Marc Style by hand.