Ever wondered what is actually the meaning of “KyprisAthina”? I have created this name when I was 14, when I had to face many prejudices because of my long blond hair, high heels and use of makeup in school. I always felt like I had to work harder than others to prove I was not stupid. Still, it was always so much fun to see people’s mouths stand open once they heard I learned Ancient Greek at school. So the name “KyprisAthina” combines the names of two goddesses: Athena and Aphrodite (“Kypris” is one of her many epithets), the goddesses of beauty and wisdom. This photo shoot pays tribute not only to this creation, but also to one of my favorite subjects: Greek mythology.

Photography, styling, hair, make up and post production: Rebecca Forster for KyprisAthina Pictures – Germany and Akrotiri (Santorini) 2011-2018